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General information
When you stand on the top of the "Corcovado" next to the 38m high Jesusstaue, you will see that if there is something Rio is not missing it´s beautiful beaches. Classic beaches with classic names like; Copacabana, Ipanema or Botafogo spread out themselves 700m below you. The statue reaches out his hands as if he wanted to bless the city and its pepole.  
A blessing that this melting pot surely needs.
Useful information about Brasil
Inhabitants. 153,32 Mio 
Area: 8.511.965 SqKm 
Language: Portugese 
Currency: 1 Cruzeiro = 100 Centavos 
Religion: 89% Catholic, 8% Protestants, Indian native religions 
Capital: Brasilia 
Power: 110 Volt ( in hotels also 220 V available)
Av.Delfim Moreira 630  Av.Delfim Moreira 630  
Leblon, Rio de Janeiro 
Phone: 5521/2595212 


Gilda Barbosa da Silva  Ladeira Do Ascurra 143 A 
Cosme Velho,Rio de Janeiro 
Phone: 5521/2451039 
Fax: 5521/2650665 


Plataforma 1  

a Rio"Must", live shows at night, famous for its steaks. 

Adalberto Ferreira. 32 
Leblon, Rio de Janeiro 
Phone: 5521/2744022 
Fax: 5521/2650665 
Sushi Mix  

Fast and good, basic sushi around the corner from the Marina Palace 

Av. Bartholomeu Mitre -297-B 
Leblon, Rio de Janerio 
Phone: 5521/5125855 
Fax: 5521/2650665